Freedom of Information Act


Serves as USASMDC's focal point for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) Programs in compliance with 5 USC 552 and 552a, 32 CFR 518 and 505, DoD 5400.7-R, DoD 5400.11-R, AR 25-55, and AR 340-21




FOIA requests are a personal matter. As such, in accordance with AR 25-55, Section 2, paragraph 1-201 e, and 32 CFR Part §518.5 (b), FOIA requests must be prepared on your time and expense. You may not use government equipment, supplies, stationery, postage, telephones, or official mail channels to make FOIA requests.

For requests pertaining to USASMDC records,

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Or send your inquiry to the FOIA/PA Requester Service Center:

United States Postal Mailing Address:

United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command
Freedom of Information Act Office
350 Vandenberg Street
Peterson Space Force Base, CO 80915

Telephone: (719) 554-2122
FAX: (256) 955-1137
Electronic Mail:




We attempt to answer most requests within the statutory time limit of 20 working days following the receipt of a perfected request. Although we do not always contact requestors when we first receive a request, we may contact you during the processing to ask questions or to give you a status report on the processing. You may always check the status of your request by sending an email to or call (256) 955-1190.




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