Environmental Division


The USASMDC Environmental Division (Deputy Chief of Staff, Engineering) performs environmental management, environmental planning, and management and execution functions for the USASMDC command worldwide. The Environmental Division plans, programs, implements, and manages all command environmental compliance activities, provides necessary compliance assurance, and executes necessary studies and permitting to maintain compliance for all command activities. They assist USASMDC decision makers in early planning of all major subordinate command programs and project office activities to ensure compliance with National Environmental Policy Act, National Historic Preservation Act and other environmental regulatory requirements. The division also executes necessary studies and analyses in support of those activities.


Provide a publicly accessible repository of environmental documents completed by USASMDC related to the command's global operations. Listed documents will include: Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, Biological Assessments, Documents of Environmental Protection, the USAKA Environmental Standards, and miscellaneous environmental documents and news articles.