Virtual Industry Exchange Forecast Industry Report

Virtual Industry Exchange Forecast Industry Report (current as of 03/11/24)
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The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command will conduct a Virtual Industry Exchange by publishing a recurring (quarterly or as needed) Forecast Industry Report, or FIR, which will provide upcoming potential contract opportunities in support of USASMDC (or USASMDC customer) requirements that will be executed by the U.S. Army Contracting Command, Directorate for Space, Missile Defense and Special Programs.

Industry partners interested in any opportunities listed in the VIE industry report should email the cognizant ACC-RSA SMD/SP contracting officer point of contact at the appropriate solicitation phase for a given acquisition (comments/questions received before the appropriate solicitation phase will not be answered). The ACC-RSA SMD/SP POCs will be listed in each FIR and updated as needed. Feedback for improving FIR formatting (ease of use, fields, format, drop downs, etc.) should be emailed to (however, no responses will be provided).

DISCLAIMER: This document provides the acquisition forecast for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command (USASMDC). The forecast is for informational and marketing purposes only and does not constitute a specific offer or commitment by USASMDC to fund in whole or in part any of the procurements referenced herein. Title V, of Public Law 100-656, and United States Code Title 15, Section 637(a)(12), requires that federal agencies make available its procurement forecast to the Small Business Administration (SBA) and to interested business owners; the forecast listing is not intended to be all-inclusive.

General Stipulations and Disclaimers: This announcement should not be construed as a contract, request for proposal (or other form of solicitation) or a commitment by the U.S. government. The U.S. government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this notice. The government will not be liable for payment of any expenses incurred as a result of this notice. The VIE does not replace other exchanges, such as industry days and other communication events. VIE and FIR forecast information is for planning purposes only and is subject to change. Dates provided are approximate only. This forecast does not replace the General Services Administration (GSA) notice system ( for formal Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 15 solicitation opportunities; for such opportunities, you may monitor USASMDC requirements by searching on “W9113M” and “W91260” on the GSA website.