Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence

The Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence is the U.S. Army’s force modernization proponent, responsible for managing Army change to doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities and policy, or DOTMLPF-P, requirements for space, global ballistic missile defense and high altitude capabilities within the Army. It also represents Army equities across the joint community. Within the capabilities of Army and joint space, missile defense and high altitude, the Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence trains and educates agile, adaptive and ready Soldiers and leaders, executes life-cycle management for U.S. Army space operations officers, develops the Army space cadre and enables informed decision-making.

To carry out its mission, the Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence executes U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command-established practices to meet force management responsibilities. This includes performing concept development, capabilities determination and capabilities integration relative to DOTMLPF–P for process change, integration and transition for materiel development. Additionally, the organization executes the Army’s institutional training and education for space and global ballistic missile defense mission areas. It is uniquely organized and geographically well-positioned to meet future Army needs.


Capability Development Integration Directorate
Develops concepts and capability requirements, integrates DOTMLPF-P solutions, and conducts experiments to assess concepts and validates DOTMLPF-P-integrated combined arms capabilities that complement unified action partner capabilities, and supports assigned force modernization proponency responsibilities
  • Acting Director, Daryl Breitbach



The Office of the Commandant is responsible for oversight and integration of the Army Space Personnel Development Office, the personnel proponent for the Army’s Functional Area 40, and the Space and Missile Defense School.

  • Commandant, COL Donald Brooks
  • Deputy Commandant, LTC Todd Habitzreuther
  • Senior Enlisted Advisor, MSG Daniel Huddleston
  • Office of the Commandant email

Space and Missile Defense School logo


Educate and train the force in space and global missile defense, and develop space and global missile defense doctrine


Office of the Chief of Space and Missile Defense  OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF SPACE AND MISSILE DEFENSE

Executes the life-cycle management functions of FA40 space operations officers and develops a space cadre of skilled military and civilian personnel ensuring the Army meets operational space requirements in support of the warfighter


FWC Operations Directorate


Synchronization, integration, operations and management
  • Director, Lorenzo Mack



Timothy F. Bishop, director, Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence 
Timothy F. Bishop

COL Tim Dalton, deputy director, Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence
Deputy Director
COL Tim Dalton

SGM Lonnie Dunbar, senior enlisted leader, Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence
Senior Enlisted Leader
SGM Lonnie Dunbar


USASMDC Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence builds and enables space and missile defense forces responsive to warfighter needs.