1st Space Brigade

The 1st Space Brigade conducts space operations to deliver decisive combat power in support of the Army and joint warfighting communities. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the brigade supports joint forces and their critical dependence on space capabilities and products through the unique mission sets of its subordinate battalions and associated unit battalion.

The 1st Space Brigade supports warfighters around the world through the activities of three subordinate battalions and one associated unit relationship. The subordinate battalions include the 53rd Signal Battalion (Satellite Control), which originally stood up in 1995 as the 1st Satellite Control Battalion; the 1st Space Battalion, which stood up in 1999; and the 2nd Space Battalion, which stood up in 2017. The brigade itself was activated in 2005 to fill a capability need that became particularly important as the Global Positioning System, Army Space Support Teams and long-haul satellite communications became essential battlefield components. 

The brigade also maintains a relationship with the five AN/TPY-2 missile defense batteries located in U.S. Pacific Command, U.S. European Command and U.S. Central Command, conducting synchronized global operations in support of the ground-based missile defense mission.




1st Space Battalion

The 1st Space Battalion’s mission is to plan, integrate, synchronize and execute global theater ballistic missile warning, space situational awareness, space and technical operations support, and assigned contingency activities in support of the Army, joint and combined forces and civil authorities. The 1st Space Battalion provides an operational headquarters for command and control of Army space forces and is currently based out of Fort Carson, Colorado.

The 1st Space Battalion consists of four companies, each with a specific focus to help achieve its mission. The battalion’s Soldiers have deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain in support of global operations, while maintaining a full-time, forward-based presence in Italy, Korea, Japan, and Qatar. The battalion operates 24/7/365 integrating space capabilities into operations across 10 locations globally.





2nd Space Battalion


The 2nd Space Battalion is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Its mission is to plan, integrate, synchronize and execute space situational awareness, space and technical operations support, and assigned contingency activities in support of the Army, joint and combined forces and civil authorities. It is the United States Army Reserve’s only space battalion. 

The 2nd Space Battalion comprises a Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Space Company, 5th Space Company and 8th Space Company.





53rd Signal Battalion


The 53rd Signal Battalion (Satellite Control) is the oldest operational battalion in the 1st Space Brigade. It is the only unit in the Department of Defense that conducts payload and transmission control of both the Defense Satellite Communications System and the Wideband Global Satellite communication constellations.

The battalion’s management of these constellations provides assured communications connectivity for mission-critical subscribers ranging from the president of the United States, DOD, interagency and international partners all engaged in conducting global operations.

Soldiers of this globally dispersed battalion accomplish their vital missions from Wideband Satellite Communications Operations Centers located at Fort Detrick and Fort Meade, Maryland; Landstuhl, Germany; Wahiawa, Hawaii; Fort Buckner, Okinawa, Japan; and SATCON headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.






117th Space Battalion


The Colorado Army National Guard's 117th Space Battalion provides a global presence encompassing its primary mission area, space force enhancement. It performs the difficult task of training the citizen-Soldiers assigned to the unit. This allows their service members to develop as ordinary citizens working in various occupations throughout Colorado and the United States.

The battalion also contributes significantly toward the sustainable readiness of the 1st Space Brigade. The battalion's composition includes two space companies, the 217th and 1158th. Each Space Company mans, trains and equips six Army Space Supports Teams.





Col. Eric D. Little, 1st Space Brigade commander 
Col. Eric D. Little

  CSM Robert Bell, 1st Space Brigade command sergeant major
Command Sergeant Major
CSM Robert Bell


Provide trained and ready space forces to conduct continuous global space force enhancement, space support, space control and special missions in support of combatant commanders, U.S. government agencies and international partners.