NASA Astronaut Detachment

Col. Andrew Morgan, NASA Army astronaut Lt. Col. Anne McClain, NASA Army astronaut

The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command provides support to NASA with an Army astronaut detachment assigned to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

There are currently two astronauts and one astronaut candidate. Col. Andrew Morgan, detachment commander, and Lt. Col. Anne McClain were both selected for the astronaut program in 2013. Maj. Frank Rubio was selected in 2017, joining the detachment as an astronaut candidate that August.

USASMDC astronauts serve as part of the flight crew for NASA space programs. The command’s astronaut detachment provides engineering expertise for human interface with space systems, and provides focus to NASA for Army space operations. Ultimately, astronauts and detachment personnel enhance the Army’s ability to dominate the battlefield of the 21st century by using space capabilities with human space operations support.

Army astronauts help the Army define its requirements for the space program and enhance the Army’s use of space capabilities. These Soldiers are Army ambassadors to NASA and the public.


NASA Army astronauts and astronaut candidate



Col. Andrew Morgan, NASA Army astronaut 
Astronaut, Detachment Commander
Col. Andrew "Drew" Morgan

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  Lt. Col. Anne McClain, NASA Army astronaut
Lt. Col. Anne McClain

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  Lt. Col. Frank Rubio, NASA Army astronaut candidate
Astronaut Candidate
Lt. Col. Frank Rubio