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Entry Authorization and Security Clearances

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Transportation to/from USAKA
Two commercial airlines and the USAF Air Mobility Command (AMC) provide round trip transportation to Kwajalein from Honolulu.  Schedules for AMC and Continental flights to Kwajalein 

Additional information about transportation to Kwajalein 

Entry Authorization and Security Clearances
 Procedures for obtaining entry authorization and security clearance . The signature of a Point of Contact (POC) on Kwajalein is required for entry authorization.

Lodging Reservations and Accommodations
 Lodging reservations will be arranged for you at the Kwaj-Lodge by your on-island POC. The Kwaj-Lodge, which is a building adjacent to the Kwajalein Air Terminal, provides lodging and all the usual lodging services. TDY lodging accommodations are in several facilities on Kwajalein and Roi-Namur Islands. Accommodations are designated as:

  • PB: Private bath, single occupancy
  • SB: Shared bath; double occupancy
  • MCL Common latrine; multiple occupancy.

Private bath, single occupancy rooms are usually available, however shared bath and multiple occupancy accommodations are also assigned during periods of high TDY occupancy.

See "Commonly Asked Questions"

Visitors on Kwajalein have several options for meals, including:

  • Two mess halls offering three meals a day seven days a week at reasonable rates.
    • Cafe Pacific on Kwajalein Island
    • Cafe Roi on Roi-Namur Island
  • Cafe Meck offering lunch on scheduled work days at Meck
  • Restaurant and Bar service at the Yokwe-Yuk Club on Kwajalein Island
  • Several Snack Bars
    • The Main Snack Bar on Kwajalein
    • The Three Palms Bakery & Snack Bar
    • The Golf Course Snack Bar
    • The Snack Bar on Roi Namur Island
A limited selection of grocery items are also available in the Ten-Ten Convenience Store. Micro-wave ovens are in most TDY rooms.

See "Dining".

Shopping and Banking All USAKA shopping and banking services are available to TDY personnel. Information about these services is available at:

Transportation on Kwajalein Atoll
Kwajalein residents depend on their personal bicycles for transportation on Kwajalein island. There are a limited number of bicycles available at the Kwaj-Lodge for rental to visitors. The rental bicycle inventory can not meet total user demand during periods of high TDY occupancy. When this occurs visitors are limited to alternative transportation on Kwajalein Island, which includes – walking, bus, or a purchased bicycle from the Kwajalein Retail facilities. See "Transportation at Kwajalein Atoll"

See "Transportation Overview" for information about travel to other islands on the Kwajalein Atoll.

Recreational Services  
All USAKA recreational services are available to TDY personnel. Applicable licenses, and proficiency qualifications must be demonstrated prior to some activities. Information about these services is available at Recreation.

Medical & Dental Services  
All USAKA medical & dental services are available to TDY personnel. Information about these services is available at
Medical & Dental Services.

Telephone service is provided through the USAKA/RTS-owned telephone system.

Both telephone and dial-up Internet service is available for business or personal local and long distance communications.

 Long-distance calls from USAKA involve either government satellite relays to Honolulu or Paso Robles, CA; or a commercial satellite relay to Atascedaro, CA.  Commercial links can be made from these points of entry to your call destination.

  • Business calls.  The cost of business calls by authorized agencies/companies can be charged to a calling card with the commercial provider of choice or billed on a monthly basis by the USAKA/RTS finance department.

  • Personal calls.  The cost of a phone call from the government satellite point of entry to your calling destination can be charged to your personal calling card with the commercial provider of your choice.

  • RMI Tariffs.  RMI tariffs are paid and included on monthly bills to permanent residents and authorized agencies/companies.  Visitors placing long distance calls with a commercial calling card from TDY quarters are not required to pay the tariff.  The tariff must be paid on all long distance calls from other locations.

  • PIN Numbers.  A Personal Identification Number is required for both business and personal long-distance calls from all locations other than TDY quarters.  Visitors making personal calls from locations other than TDY quarters will be required to obtain a personal PIN and to pay the applicable RMI tariff.

 Anyone with a computer equipped with a dial-up modem and browser can get on the Internet at no charge.  During non-working hours, 5p.m. to 7 a.m. week-days, and all weekend, the Internet is accessible through a local telephone line.  The system works with any computer having Windows 95 or newer software.  Recommended browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, TOBE, and Netscape.