Base Operations

Wake Island

Wake Island is a possession of the United States under the control of the Department of the Interior. It is a U.S. Army launch support facility operated under a caretaker permit from the U.S. Air force and administered by the U.S. Army Strategic and Missile Defense Command – Huntsville. Additional use is allowed on a case by case basis to support U.S. interests. The launch facilities and all associated support on-island are maintained by USASMDC.

RTS maintains and operates the launch facilities and provides instrumentation, communications, flight and ground safety, meteorology, launch program security, and other technical support.

Logistics Support

Transportation Services
Wake Island operates an international airport and harbor to facilitate transport of user material for support of test missions.

The island is supported by scheduled U.S. Navy Military Sealift Command supply vessels once every six months. Wake Island Marine assets include two LCM-8 vessels utilized as cargo handling lighters that unload the MSC supply ships. The supply ships moor approximately200 meters off the mouth of the harbor channel for off loading.
Marine transportation to Wake can be arranged through:
        Traffic Management Officer
        Scott Circle
        Hickam AFB, HI 96853
        (DSN 449-6003)

The island is supported by scheduled U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command flights from Hickam AFB once every two weeks. AMC transportation off personnel or cargo to Wake can be arranged through:  Global Reach   (618) 256-5611

Personnel Support
Limited personnel support services are available for Range Users on Wake Island. 154 beds are available in multiple occupancy rooms for Range Users in three occasional-use barracks. Transient personnel and air crews are accommodated in permanent island transient barracks. Limited separate access female quarters are available.

There is no civilian or off-base medical care on Wake Island. A dispensary directed by one full time physician and one medical technician are available.

One dining facility supports the island with three meals daily and box lunches as required.

Army Airfield (PWAK)

Restricted prior Permission Request (PPR) required. Bird hazard in vicinity of Airfield.

Wake AAF operates during the hours of 2000 - 0500Z (UTC +12)
Location 19 16,8'N  166 38.2'E
Runway (1028) 9,859 feet long x 150 feet wide
PCN 26 (ASP)
Base Operations Frequency 128.0

Ground support

  • No maintenance facilities on island
  • Transient billeting